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May 2020

This was my first ever paid gig as a freelancer so it had to be in here!

The client wanted a blog that’d feature as part of a series of articles on their website covering the ins and outs of SEO.

There were strict brand guidelines on this one; the tone of voice was tricky to get right but, luckily for me, Queen references were permitted. The band, not the Monarch.

It was fun to put together and is an example of a chattier, personality-driven piece of copy.

So, me, minus the cynicism.


“All We Hear is SEO, Google, SEO Gaga”

It’s ironic that, when Freddie and co wrote this song (ok, not this version, but you know the one) they were thinking about the transition of one media into another. Music videos and all things visual were beginning to overtake the aural side of music. “We hardly need to use our ears,” they sang. Times were changing, and they knew it.

Although Queen wouldn’t have anticipated this song being used in a blog about keywords (say whaaat 1984), it does illustrate the fact that, in modern marketing times, things move fast.

Long gone are the days of flicking through the Yellow Pages to find someone that makes or does something you need. We’ve got search engines for that. Search engines that are constantly refining their search terms to be more bespoke than ever before, using keywords to find what you need.

I’m gonna show you here how to use your list of keywords on your website, and break down some of the stuff you’ve heard about them that sounds really scary, but isn’t. Let’s do this.

We’re Off to See the Wizard…

A great starting point is to know how your website currently scores for SEO. And, of course, once you know that, then you know what you need to do to make it better. In another blog, I mentioned a nifty website called Moz Domain Authority, which does this for you.

In simple terms, Moz:

● takes a look at your website and determines how well you rank in Google for
your keywords
● tells you how likely it is that your website will show up on the search results page
● determines your Domain Authority (DA) score, from 0-100
● calculates the DA by analysing a whole list of things that they would expect your
site to have in order to rank well

A lot of these factors don’t need to be discussed here so don’t stress about them. All you need to know is:

The higher your DA, the better chance you have of showing in potential clients’ Google searches.

The key to a good DA is a sweet SEO game. And keywords are a big part of that.

I’m Sorry, Ma’am…

…But you’ve got a low DA (it’s ok, you can still live a relatively normal life). Fear not! There are plenty of things you can do to improve it. The main thing here is not to get ahead of yourself – you need to learn to fly before you soar with the keyword eagles. Let’s have a look at a good starting strategy.

Building Blocks

If you’ve a new site with not much of an SEO strategy going on, then start small. This means using:

● low-volume keywords
● keywords that aren’t searched for as much as the more obvious, high-volume
● phrases with four or more words

Longer search terms (also called long tail keywords) are, again, not as common as the more obvious and way more competitive shorter search terms (short tail keywords). Check the tools listed in my previous blog for some longer-tail keywords or phrases related to your business.

Chart Toppers

For example, think of a jukebox, a nostalgic staple of Hollywood American diners. It’s got, let’s say, 10,000 songs on its database. There are always gonna be a few firm favourites that are played way more often than others, like the one in the intro. There are some that are there and are very rarely searched for, but they are still there and inevitably will be played at some point.

It’s the same with short and long tail keywords. With the exponential growth of the Internet, there is a ‘song’ out there for everyone.

You Do You

There’s plenty of opportunity to be creative here. You’ve got to capture the variations, but, at the same time, not waste all of your energy working to rank for a keyword that hardly anybody will search for when there are much better ‘songs’ to choose from.

In short, you gotta be balanced.

I’ve seen plenty of agencies high-fiving themselves for getting their clients to number one or optimising keywords that look and sound great, but literally under 5 people per month are searching for them. Half of those are probably the cat standing on the keyboard. Yeah, no. Put down that celebratory rosé, Karen.

At the End (at the End) of the Day

Ok, so that’s keywords. If you’re gonna take anything away from this article, I want you to remember that it’s ok to be niche when you’re starting up. Niche is cool. It’s original and it’s creative. Just remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day (and all those other cliches).

Be balanced and don’t jump head first into highly competitive keywords. Ease in with the longer tail search terms, and work up to it. Use the tools at your disposal and the rest will come.

You have the time, you have the power, you’re yet to have your finest hour.


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