Hiya. I’m Jack.

I'm a freelance copywriter from Liverpool based in Foulridge, a nice little village in Lancashire. It's got a great chippy and the canal's got ducks on it so it's nice for a walk. In case you were wondering.

about the name because people ask me all the time

Cola Bottle came about from a pregnancy app that gave me weekly updates on the size of our baby as she grew, but compared with animals and sweets to make it relatable, I guess.

That week, it was a woodlouse or a cola bottle. I couldn’t see Woodlouse Copywriting Lancashire or Jack the Woodlouse Copywriter taking off so I opted for Cola Bottle Content.

It was perfect because it felt different, it had a bouncy vibe and it meant something to me.

Good copy tells a story. 

You’ve heard mine.

Now it’s time to tell yours. 

why me?

So, yeah. Now you know the inspiration for the name. But what about me? Why should you give me creative license over the words your business uses?

If you’ve read my story, and had a look around my site, you’ll already have a flavour for my approach.

I write in a way that suits people short on time but big on intent.

With punch. Personality. With words that engage.  

Not just convincing people to buy something there and then but leaving an impression for later.

copywriting services? wass them?

I craft memorable and creative slogans, taglines and product names. I give you a distinctive tone of voice and identity (minus my accent) and work with you to brainstorm campaign ideas. My work covers digital stuff like website content, adverts, emails and newsletters, landing page content and calls to action. And print, with things like brochures, flyers, business cards, posters, print ads, direct mail and the like.

If you need help with any of those things, then click the button below and meet me in my shed for a drink (on the internet, can’t swing a cat in there).

my copywriter logo in blue

If I’m not providing copywriting services to my wonderful clients, I’m writing tips, stories and even wine reviews on LinkedIn. It’s like my unofficial portfolio. Give me a follow.