Copywriter as in I write words that sell stuff not copyright as in ©

Does your brand feel a bit... flat?

Sit thee down. This one’s on me.

The Cola Bottle Copywriter Cocktail

Refreshingly good words with added fizz and sparkle


Splash of personality

Shot of energy

Dash of you

Served over ice, in the coolest bar ever, with a jukebox playing your favourite track and everything


May cause customers to engage in button-bashing, basket-brimming, buy-me-now behaviour

What copywriting is

Writing to persuade someone to do something is a skill. More so if that something involves someone giving you their precious time or hard-earned cash.

Good copy engages. It entertains or educates. It tells a story, in plain English (no leveraging bespoke solutions here, thanks) and in your brand’s tone of voice. All with one clear aim – to get your audience buying your stuff. Or signing-up to something. Some sort of action, anyway.

That’s what I do. 

What copywriting isn't

Telling people you’re a copywriter is tricky without writing it down for people to see the ‘write’ not the ‘right’. So if you’re looking for someone to help you with copyright law, scram. It ain’t me.

Copywriting also isn’t just writing a load of words your nan could write, or even you could write, but you know, ‘you haven’t got the time’ – mmm, yeah, that ol’ chestnut. If that’s you, well I’m not sure we’re right for each other, soz.

That’s not what I do.

copywriter things I involve myself with on your behalf




tone of voice

product names


campaign ideas







direct mail


website content



landing pages


social media

What's one sale worth to you?

If you’re not sure you need a copywriter, have a look through your marketing material. Any of the stuff above. Forget it’s your business for a minute and ask yourself:

  • Would you give it a second glance?
  • Would you buy from you?
If you would, congratulations, you don’t need me and probably were looking for help with copyright law after all. But if it’s a no, or even a maybe, then you do.
Don’t waste any more time making-do with your words, losing your customers before they’ve even had the chance to see what you’re about.

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