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July 2021

HANK is a service run by Dads for Dads, providing advice, online sessions and in-person classes.

The guys at HANK wanted a Dad to write it, which I very much am (you know this is the case when you catch yourself saying stuff you never thought you’d say) and wanted a relaxed and conversational tone to appeal to their audience, which is right up my street.

This is the about page – a snippet of what I came up with.

You can see the rest at hellohank.co.uk


If you’re a new or expectant dad, you might be spending your time doing what we did:

1) Frantically Googling everything about childbirth and babies
2) Nervously attending parent classes with your partner
3) Proudly assembling flat-pack furniture long into the night

Everything else sort of blurs into one, ’til you find yourself pouring wine on your Weetabix as the lack of sleep catches up with you.

When the kids were born, it felt like we were muddling through – learning on the job, so to speak – with nothing but our instincts and wits to rely on.

And sometimes, trying to be the best Dads to our kids, husbands to our wives and working full time took its toll.

Every new day would bring yet another new challenge to feel anxious or stressed about.

This got us thinking…

What if there was a service that helped to prepare dads for those challenges, short and long term? From finding the right house close to a good school and knowing how to child-proof it, to saving towards their first step on the property ladder, there’s lots to consider.

And so HANK, an acronym of the four cornerstones our service is built on, was born.

HANK – Help. Advice. Nurture. Knowledge.

Take a look around the site, see what catches your eye and we look forward to speaking with you soon.

Gregg & Henry

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Stevenage-based solar-panel supremos Climateshield needed a case study to showcase their handiwork on a local project.

Family and social


HANK is a service run by Dads for Dads, providing advice, online sessions and in-person classes. I wrote their website and Facebook page.

Keywords and SEO


This was my first ever paid gig as a copywriter so it had to be in here! The client wanted a blog that’d feature as part of a series of articles on their website covering the ins and outs of SEO.



I was approached by Ethica Care to write a 1500-word brochure. The brochure was being produced to demonstrate the care they provide to people that live with a learning disability.


Full website copy

Telford-based letting agency Habitat were after a complete website copy overhaul to reflect their warm and approachable business manner.

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