Oct/Nov 2021

Automata are a deep-tech robotics company, specialising in laboratory automation technology.

As the name suggests, it was quite a cerebral job, this one. I mean, copy is hard anyway but this subject matter wasn’t the easiest to get around at first.

Anyway, I did in the end. I was hired as an extension of their launch team for about seven weeks and it was a really immersive, intense but super enjoyable experience working on stuff that actually changes lives in the real world. I say real world because sometimes the ad one isn’t.

Snippets below. Full whack at I even got a nice recommendation for this one, here.

Other Projects

Renewable energy

Case study

Stevenage-based solar-panel supremos Climateshield needed a case study to showcase their handiwork on a local project.

Family and social


HANK is a service run by Dads for Dads, providing advice, online sessions and in-person classes. I wrote their website and Facebook page.

Keywords and SEO


This was my first ever paid gig as a copywriter so it had to be in here! The client wanted a blog that’d feature as part of a series of articles on their website covering the ins and outs of SEO.



I was approached by Ethica Care to write a 1500-word brochure. The brochure was being produced to demonstrate the care they provide to people that live with a learning disability.


Full website copy

Telford-based letting agency Habitat were after a complete website copy overhaul to reflect their warm and approachable business manner.

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