Statement Reader

Statement Reader
Landing page
Jan 2022

Brief in a nutshell: one of those fantastic products that would be a no-brainer purchase if the decision makers could understand just how helpful it is. Pls help. Help pls.

No problem.

Here’s the ‘above-the-fold’ copy I came up with. See the full page at

Other Projects


Ad concepts

Some tongue-in-cheek ad concepts I came up with for a…shall we say, renowned?…shower gel.

Family and social


HANK is a service run by Dads for Dads, providing advice, online sessions and in-person classes. I wrote their website and Facebook page.

Food and drink

Product descriptions

Independent drinks merchants, Moonshine and Fuggles, were referred to me to write product descriptions for their extensive range of bevvies. I love this sort of ‘front-line’ copywriting.

Click fraud prevention


Click Fraud Prevention supremos Lunio approached me to join their team on a freelance basis writing articles for their website.


Full website copy

Automata are a deep-tech robotics company, specialising in laboratory automation technology. I wrote their new website for the brand relaunch.

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